Tactical Insurgence

The Clock Is Ticking...

Escape The Storm...

Can You Survive?

Featured Locations

Shopping Center

Ottawa ON

BlackPawn shopping center, where fashion and entertainment come together in one location. A location filled with rooms, stores and secrets where a cache of goods can be found.

The Hospital

Ottawa ON

So many rooms and places to hide and be ambushed while exploring and looting the hospital... Will you survive and find more health before getting killed?

Bomb Shelter

Ottawa ON

Explore and loot the underground bomb shelter with its many corridors and rooms, but watch for enemies who are likely to also be down there!

How it works

Who Can Play

We develop games for everyone. There are no special skills needed to have a great time. Play with or against your friends, family, co-workers or just a bunch of random people.

Gaming Equipment

Whether you prefer a PC or game console we design and develop our games to be playable on most systems including PC, XBox, Playstation and mobile device systems.

Feel The Atmosphere

BlackPawn Studio holds events globally for players around the world to compete against one another. Registration notices are published in advance of scheduled event.


Our work environment is so beyond the stagnant mentality of most high pressure development companies. I turly feel appreciated here.
Working at BlackPawn Studio has allowed me to excel in my field and the management is always encouraging. We have the best team in the gaming industry.
Each day brings new challenges and knowing what I do helps brings entertainment to the people who buy and play our games makes it all worth while.
Our work environment is energized and not the stagnant mentality of most high pressure development companies.
This place is a blast! I love being a part of a company that cares about what they develop for gamers. Nothing compares to our teams.

Latest Blog Posts


Hunt The Enemy

Hunt or be hunted... there is no time to wait. Be strategic and quick or you'll be killed.
Jaymes Brouillette

Escape The Gas

Avec le gaz toxique envahissant et rendant la zone de combat de plus en plus petite, cela augmente le niveau de stress intessement!
José Martinez

Be The Last Team Left

Elimina a todos los demás equipos en el mapa para ganar el juego. ¡No es fácil pero vale la pena!

Who can play

  • Friends & Family
  • Team & Co-Workers
  • Game Lovers
  • Tourists

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